Ranum High • Class of 1964 • 50th Reunion • August 9, 2014

Look Who's Coming to Dinner!
You do NOT want to miss this great party . . . or the opportunity to meet up with friends and classmates you haven't seen for years.

Here's our growing list of people who you can expect to see.  We'll keep adding to the list, so be sure to check back.  And if your name isn't on this list--we want to hear from you!  Go to the Registration page and sign up to join us.
Gary and Donna (Torrey) Antonoff
Michael and Sheri (Rutt) Swilling
Louis and Diane (Humphreys) Beatty
Susan (Ferguson) Westerdahl-Thompson
Jim Osborne
Carolyn Stephens
Paula and Emery Tripp
Bob and Sue (Perry) Bisgard
John and Karen (Merry) Garcia
Kirby Wells
Christie and Gary Spanarella
John and Nancy (Brandon) Jurcheck
Pam Erwin
Roger & Pat (Stegeman) Hall
Paula (Coursen) Hanson
Peggy and Paul Puckett
Bill and Roberta (Okubo) Schade
Charlene and Dale St. Laurent
Fred and Barbara (Scattergood) Vaughn
Gayle Ciancio
Steve Crall
Jeff Donaldson
Patti (Smith) Jamison
Suze and Mike Chiclacos
Janie and Bob Schnabel
Pam Moore
Richard and Janice (Rothe) Potts
Lynn (Haney) Stewart
Warren and Linda (Stalter) Bitterlich
Judith Kauffman
Sandee Lichte
Don Bryson
Renee (Ahlstrom) Iantorno
Pat (Porteus) Petras
Pat Sivigliano
Sharon (Olmstead) Rasmussen
Maggie and Gene Byrne
Barb (Salazar) Robles
Sonja and Jim Bendt
John and Marnie (Diekvoss) Fuller
Jude (Pascoe) Capozelo
Moe and Karen (Lomax) Sandstead
Ruth and Bud Egging
Pam Solie
Bob Whittaker
Susan (Strain) Schnurbusch
​Karla (Lindecrantz) Sherman
Jim Martin
Ed Schneider
Donna Rae (Osborn) McCay
Eileen (Razek) Hawlk (teacher)
Ron Glover
Brian Capozelo
Linda (Lunn) Little
Larry and Anita (Nolan) Witt
Michael and Sherry (Ferbrache) Laufenburger
Lynn (Cheryl) Burch (Bolas)
Mary (Jones) Edwards
Judy (Bontems) DeSellem
Carol (Ward) Atencio
Van Freeman
Mrs. Brewer (teacher)
Ed Gates
Join the fun!  Register today.
As of: July 28, 2014