Ranum High • Class of 1964 • 50th Reunion • August 9, 2014

Yearbook Prophecy for 1985 
You'll find Ranum High "Blasts-from-the-Past" on THE WALL, as well as some fun articles we think you'll enjoy that will get you thinking about your own BUCKET LIST for the future.
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From the Yearbook:
"And the winner is . . ."
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Last Will/Testament 
from the Class of 1964
Here's to the Best School of them ALL!
We sing your praises Ranum High School -
Each time we win we'll win
       For dear old Ranum's Pride -
We'll bring her honor, working side by side.

Hail the Raiders one and all -
Here's to their Spirit strong and "fight-full"
Hail our colors bold, the Green, White and Gold
Alma Mater, Ranum High!
Looking Forward . . . Living Your Bucket List:
We are the RAIDERS!
About Iver Ranum
A Dance Down Memory Lane of the '50s:
BLAST FROM THE PAST!  You'll love this 
Be sure and read the "Rules for a Good Wife" and the reunion poem at the end.
BORN TO BE WILD!  Great laughs.
A big thanks to Kirby Wells who sent us this "twisted" version of Born To Be Wild.  
Do You Remember These?