Ranum High • Class of 1964 • 50th Reunion • August 9, 2014

Ready. Set. Let's Go! What a wonderful night.
Reunion committee members Nancy Brandon Jurchek (standing) and Paula Coursen Hanson greet partygoers at the registration desk.
A classic car greets partygoers at the Lakewood Country Club.
The tables are set and we're ready to party!
What's on your bucket list? Our buckets were filled with candy for the evening--but bucket lists were one of the topics of the night.
Pat Stegeman Hall and Budd Egging
Photographer Mitch Bowers enjoying the classic Lincoln convertible.
Pat Stegeman Hall
Richard Potts, Janice Rothe Potts and Karen Lomax Sandstead.
L to R: Sharon Olmsted Rasmussen, Pat Porteous and Renee Alstrom Iantorno.
L to R: Sherry Ferbrache Laufenburger, Karen Lomax Sandstead, Pam Erwin and Pat Svigliano.
L to R: Brian Capozelo and Paul Puckett.
L to R: Brian Capozelo and Kirby Wells.
L to R: Jim Martin and Jim Osborne.
Mike Chiclacos chatting with Moe Sandstead.
L to R: Roberta Okubo Schade, Pam Moore and Donna Torrey Antonoff.
L to R: Sherry Miller Hamilton, Bob Skeeter Hamilton and Jude Pascoe Capozelo. (Paula Coursen Hanson in background.)
L to R: Pam Moore, Barbara Salazar Robles, Barbara Scattergood Sparks, Sandra Lichte, Sharon Olmstead Rasmussen, Pam Solie Mistal.
Roberta Okubo Schade and Gary Spanarella.
Jeff Donaldson and Jim Bendt.
Anita Nolan Witt
L to R: Nancy Brandon Jurchek and Peggy Puckett.
Linda Lunn Little and Bob Bisgard.
L to R: Ed Gates, Judy Kauffman, unidentified man in white, Sherry Ferbrache Laufenberger, Pam Erwin and Donna Torrey Antonoff.
L to R: John Jurcheck, Linda Stalter Bitterlich and Warren Bitterlich.
Donna Torrey Antonoff gives a big hug to Larry Scheideman, as Larry's wife looks on--with understanding. There was a lot of hugging going on that night.
L to R:  Richard Potts, Janice Roth Potts and Gary Antonoff
L to R:  Sue Perry Bisgard, Karen Lomax Sandstead and Judy Kauffman.
L to R:  Lynn Haney Stewart, Steve Crall, Karen Lomax Sandstead
L to R:  Richard Potts and Jeff Donaldson
L to R:  Bob Savery, Steve Crall
L to R:  0056  Ed Gates, Donna Torrey Antonoff, Pam Erwin, Pam Moore, Steve Crall, Lynn Haney Stewart
L to R: Lynn Haney Stewart, Ed Gates, Pam Moore.
L to R:  Pat Porteus Petras, Renee Alhstrom Iantorno, Pat Sivigliano Romero
Renee Alhstrom Iantorno and Pat Porteus Petras looking at reunion photos from the past.
L to R:  Brian Capozelo, Linda Stalter Bitterlich, Warren Bitterlich, Skeeter Hamilton
L to R:  Sherry Ferbruche Laufenberger, Karen Lomax Sandstead, Pam Erwin, Pat Sivigliano Romero
Donna Torrey Antonoff, Bob Schnabel, Janie Schnabel (Class '65)
L to R:  Jim Martin, Jim Osborne
L to R:  Jim Osborne, Bob Whittaker, Jim Martin
L to R:  Ed Schneider, Pat Stegeman Hall
L to R:  Lynn Haney Stewart, Jude Pascoe Capozelo, Roberta Okubo Schade (Bobbie)
L to R:  Bobbie (Roberta) Okubo Schade, Steve Crall, Paula Coursen Hansen
L to R:  Jude Pascoe Capozelo, Jim Martin, Judy Kauffman, Roberta Okubo Schade(Bobbie), Steve Crall, Paula Coursen Hanson, Donna Torrey Antonoff
L to R:  Jude Pascoe Capozelo, Gary Antonoff, Donna Torrey Antonoff, Paula Coursen Hanson
L to R: Lynn Haney Stewart, Judy Kaufman, Jim Martin, Jude Pascoe Capozelo
Back:  Bob Whittaker, Emery Tripp, Bob Schnabel / Front: Jude Pascoe Capozelo
Jude Pascoe Capozelo
L to R:  Sheri Rutt Swilling, Pam Erwin, Bob Schnabel, Donna Torrey Antonoff, Pat Stegeman Hall
L to R:  Donna Torrey Antonoff, Sheri Rutt Swilling, Paula Coursen Hanson
L to R:  Skeeter Hamilton, Brian Capozelo
Renee Ahlstrom Iantorno and Pat Svigliano Romero.
L to R:  Bob "Skeeter" Hamilton, Janie Schnabel, Sherry Miller Hamilton and Brian Capozelo
L to R:  Pam Erwin, Donna Torrey Antonoff, Sandee Lichte, Pat Stegeman Hall, Karen Lomax Sandstead, Janice Rothe Potts
L to R: Dale St. Laurent and Gene Byrne.
L to R:  Okubo Schade(Bobbie), Sherry Miller Hamilton, Sue Perry Bisgard.
Emery Tripp
Mike Chiclacos, Suze Chiclacos
Bob Savery
Jim Osborne
L to R: Gene Byrne, Margaret Brewer (teacher) and Diane Fox, Margaret's daughter.
Left to right: Driver, Sue Perry Bisgard, Sue Strain Schnurbusch, Sue Ferguson Thompson, Donna Torrey Antonoff, Judy Bontems DeSellem, Linda Lunn Little
Your 50th Reunion Committee / L to R:  Pat Stegeman Hall, Jude Pascoe Capozelo, Donna Torrey Antonoff, Sue Perry Bisgard, Nancy Brandon Jurcheck, Paula Coursen Hanson, Karen Lomax Sandstead

Where did the time go? Whether you were able to join us or not, you'll enjoy this slide show of photos from the evening. Click on the first photo to start the show, then advance through the photos at your own pace.
1.	Pam Erwin 
2.	Sue Strain Schnurbusch
3.	Donna Osborn McCay 
4.	Sue Ferguson Thompson
5.	Marnie Diekvoss Fuller
6.	Carolyn Mitchell King
7.	Budd Egging
8.	Patty Smith Jamison
9.	Don Bryson
10.	Linda Lunn Little
44.	Sue Perry Bisgard
11.	Steve Crall
12.	Paul Puckett
13.	Jim Osborne
14.	Paula Coursen Hanson
15.	Sheri Rutt Swilling
16.	Gene  Byrne
17.	Jim Bendt
18.	Bob Schnabel
45.	Pam Solie Mistal
46.	Judy Bontems DeSellem
47.	Barbara Salazar Robles
48.	Sherry Ferbrache Laufenburger
49.	Karen Lomax Sandstead
19.	Jim Martin
20.	Gary Spanarella
21.	Emery Tripp
22.	Ed Schneider
23.	Lynn Burch/Cheryl Bolas
24.	Kirby Wells
25.	Ed Gates
26.	Pam Moore
27.	Bob Savery
50.	Jude Pascoe Capozelo
51.	Judy Kauffman
52.	Roberta Okubo Schade
53.	Mike Chiclacos
28.	Diane Humphreys Beatty
29.	Anita Nolan Witt 
30.	Karen Merry Garcia
31.	Pat Stegeman Hall
32.	Pat Porteous Petras
33.	Sandee Lichte
34.	Larry Scheideman
35.	Janice Rothe Potts
54.	Bobbie Scattergood Sparks-Vaughn
55.	Sharon Olmstead Rasmussen
56.	Pat Sivigliano
36.	Bob Whittaker
37.	Dale St. Laurent
38.	Linda Stalter Bitterlich
39.	Gayle Ciancio Blumenthal
40.	Jeff Donaldson
41.	Donna Torrey Antonoff
42.	Nancy Brandon Jurcheck
43.	Margaret Brewer
57.	Renee Alstrom Iantorno
58.	Mary Jones Edwards
59.	Lynn Haney Stewart
60.	Eileen Razek
On the HOME page of this website is a group photo. We've broken the group into five sections and identified classmates. Just click on the first photo and scroll through at your own pace.  Enjoy!