Ranum High • Class of 1964 • 50th Reunion • August 9, 2014

Classmate BIOS & Bucket List
Where are our classmates and what are they up to?  Just fill out as much of the information below as you'd like.  We're going to create a Classmate Bio booklet so you can find out what people have been up to.  We'll periodically update the booklet--so send in your form--then keep checking back for our Ranum Class of '64 Bio booklet.

We'll also be publishing classmate photos!
Maiden name (if applicable):
Street address:
Relationship status:  married, single, divorced?  (Tell us your significant other's name/how long you've been together.)
Tell us a bit about your family such as about your significant other, kids or grandkids.
Here's a tip for filling out the following info.  Type up your response to the questions using Word or whatever program you use, then copy and paste them into the response box.  Or--just type them directly into the box.  Whichever works for you. The box will expand according to your response.
Your Career:  Whether you've been a stay-at-homer, you're retired or still working, tell us about your career path.  Tell us some of your proudest achievements, or what you're doing in retirement.
Use this area for comments you'd care to make about your life, your hobbies, your Ranum years, other comments about your life . . . or a statement to the Class of '64.

At this reunion, we'll not just be looking back.  We're looking forward to the future.  So tell us what's on your bucket list!  Want to take the grandkids on a cruise?  Want to skydive on your next birthday?  Want to write a novel?  Tell us what you'd love to do in the future.
PLEASE . . . EMAIL US YOUR PHOTO.  Can be a family photo if you'd like. Just email your photo in a .jpg to:  RanumHS64@gmail.com
Jude Pascoe Capozelo
Live with Donna and Gary Antonoff
Visit many cities in Mexico and perhaps move to a border town someday 
Become more fluent in Spanish
Learn professional landscaping or become a Master Gardener
Become a famous “sugar artist”

Donna Torrey Antonoff
Attend the Academy Awards
Travel to Australia and New Zealand
Play golf in Scotland
Break 85 in golf
Learn Spanish

Pat Stegeman Hall
Go to a Super Bowl
Go to winter Olympics
Go to a Federal Air Show

Paula Coursen Hanson
Live in Tuscany, Italy for 6 mo.
Learn Italian
Go to cooking school in Italy
Visit Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands

Your Reunion Committee is kicking off the Bucket List project with their own list of things they'd love to do in the future.  Send us your list--and we'll be compile the responses on this website.

Sue Perry Bisgard
Go to Europe for 6 months
Own an apartment in Portland, OR
Throw a smashing 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Grow my hair out

Karen Lomax Sanstead
Go to US Open, Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments
Visit Southeast Asia
Visit Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands
Learn Spanish
Take a hot air balloon ride or fly in a glider

Nancy Brandon Jurcheck
Travel to & see friends in Melbourne, Australia
Take daughter & family on Disney cruise to Alaska
Take grandchildren to Europe when they graduate high school - I’ll be 80/82 by then!
Live in a New York City apartment for two months and see every play on and off Broadway.